The Estate

The setting

The Villa Il Palagio perches elegantly at the top of a long steep drive, overlooking the distant Tuscan hills and the undulating countryside which has always had profound agricultural significance. The nearby medieval town of Figline Valdarno was known as the “barn of Florence” for its abundant corn supplies. Grains, wine, oil, sugar beets, peaches, apricots and cherries have long been grown here. The estate extends to some 350 hectares, much of the land given over to forest, incorporating some beautiful lakes.

The history

Il Palagio has always been farmed. In the late 1700s the Martelli family purchased the property and as their wealth grew, so did the estate. In 1819 they sold to the Countess Carlotta Barbolani of Montauto, the widow of the Duke of San Clemente and it remained in this family’s hands for some 150 years. At the beginning of the twentieth century Duke Simone Vincenzo Velluti Zati di San Clemente commissioned several new buildings including a grain store, oil mill and wine production area. When Sting and Trudie first came across the estate in 1999, it had by then fallen into a state of disrepair. They set about the task of lovingly restoring the house, the outbuildings and the land to their former glory.

The future

Il Palagio is now so prolific in output that Sting and Trudie have opened a farm shop selling everything made or grown on the estate, including fresh vegetables and fruits, and the local salami. Now for the very first time these same Palagio products will be available to order online – direct from the heart of Tuscany to your door.

Our Experts

Alan York

Alan York is a world renowned consultant for biodynamic winegrowers in North and South America, South Africa and Europe. His forty-year career commenced with professional horticultural training, and his specialization in organic and biodynamic agriculture culminated in him holding the office of President of the Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association of North America for four years, as well as editing the Association’s magazine.

Paolo Caciorgna

Paolo Caciorgna is Tuscan born and bred, and comes from a wine producing family. His experience as a gifted oenologist has taken him to California and France, but it is in Italy that his heart belongs. Since becoming a consultant in 1997 he now consults for over thirty of the finest wine producers in his native country , including over twenty in Tuscany. He continues to oversee the production of his family’s own wine, Caciorgna Pietro.

Paolo Rossi

Estate Manager Paolo Rossi was born in Villa Il Palagio, and his family’s historical links with the property go back through the last century. His strong connection to the land is obvious in the enormous care and attention he gives to the olive groves, the vineyards and all the produce grown at Il Palagio. Paolo provides the day-to-day continuity and commitment so valuable to the success of every growing season and harvest.